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Upon Heavens Mount

Beneath the shadowy moons of the planet Polybius in a quadrant of space unmarked by the maps of men a lone figure examines the night sky. A dire omen is in the sky tonight and the humanoid form that watches ponders on how to pass the news to the clan. As shaman the figure was tasked with the ill fate of watching the stars. Kreet, the shaman, worries. With the ability to read the stars came a lot of responsibility and stress.From behind Kreet the gravel crunched, someone approached. “It need not matter your reasoning, this is sacred ground and you must leave.” Kreet did not care who was interrupting, he was not ready to discuss the bad omen. “Wise sprouting bud, the clan lays like dormant seedlings awaiting news of what has been divined. None want to wait any longer.” Kreet turned and faced the intruder. In the darkness Kreet saw Sproo who had fallen to a knee in submission. Sproo, a sad specimen of Kreets race, had sprouted from the dirt and grown in the sun with hardly enough water to…

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